Functional Powder

We develop and provide multi-functional composite powders, which have “Optical Effects” and “Sensory Enhancers”.

Soft Focus Powder

Composite Powder

Spherical Powder

Oil Control Powder

Composite Powder

Inoganic Sunscreen agent

EZ Powder

Designed surface treatment and its process for ultrafine sunscreen pigment to be easily dispersed without high sheer for achieving high transparency to expect UV shielding

- Easy to disperse – No grinding/Low sheer mixer or Homogenizer can only be used
– High SPF and Tranparency

MiBrid Treatment

MiBrid treated ultrafine sunscreen powders and dispersions which deliver high transparency, high SPF, and improved dispersibility performance

Despersions: Surfactant free and superior dispersibility performance in highly concentrated paste form

Composite Sunscreen Powder

Texture Enhancing Powder (Silica)

Silica Beads

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