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Labor Practices

In order for each employee to vigorously engage in work and build up teamwork with others, companies have to realize work-life balance to prevent excessive stress and physical and mental fatigue. For that purpose, we closely monitor employees’ overtime work, and in case there are such cases detected, we will set up meeting with both employees in question and their superiors for corrective measures. Also to protect employees from depression, we provide “Stress Check” by outside medical institute for all the employees including managers once a year.

We provide opportunities for retirees who are continuously enthusiastic to work to make best use of their skills and expertise after retirement, and build win-win relationship with them. By our effort like this, we were certified by Saitama Pref. as a company who supports active seniors.

Miyoshi Kasei was certified by Saitama Prefecture in 2018 as a company that practices diverse working styles through creating own systems such as remote working and shorter working hours, in which both men and women employees can work lively with enthusiasm.

We provide support to employees with self-initiative to enhance their skills, abilities, etc.

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