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Corporate Message

This message represents our business philosophy centering on “Good Faith & Dignity”, which is the core value of Miyoshi Kasei Group. Based on this corporate message, we commit to the following to all the stakeholders, internal and external.

Treating you right with “safety and reliable quality solutions”

We provide safe and highly reliable products supported by technical verification and our years of experience and extensive track record.

Treating the “environment” right

We develop, manufacture, and provide eco-friendly products with consideration to the environment at each business site and with the lives of our customers.
We are working Not-Just-For-Profit.

Treating “people” right

We comply with all concerned regulations around our business circumstances and ensure to operate business with respect for human rights.

Treating “stakeholders” right

We make constant efforts to perform our business diligently and sincerely with consideration for all stakeholders, including customers, all business partners, employees, and shareholders.

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