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About Us

We are the first company that created and launched silicone treated cosmetic pigments to the market, which led to the development of the epoch-making two-way cake powders which can be applied to the face by either a wet or dry sponge.

From then, we continuously developed, with our original know-how and technology, various surface treatment processes, such as Amino Acid treatment, Lecithin treatment, and Ester Treatment.

The combination of the said technologies and high-quality fillers (sericite, mica, talc, etc.), which are essential for the cosmetic formulation, or functional powders (ultrafine powders, silica beads, pearl, etc.) enabled us to develop a broad range of unique products and to contribute to the development of innovative cosmetics.

We have four operation sites globally, Miyoshi Kasei, Inc. in Japan, Miyoshi America, Inc. in the United States (Connecticut), Miyoshi Europe SAS in France (Lyon), and Miyoshi Suzhou, CO., LTD. in China (Suzhou), and have been providing high quality products to customers all over the world.

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